Root canal work and MIS acquisitions, two fun-filled activities!

Do not upgrade, or purchase a new Management Information System until you have spoken to PSK & Associates Ltd.!

It has been reported recently that there is a new service available to members of the Graphic Arts community. Our reporters have uncovered the astonishing fact that you can not only have expert advice and assistance when purchasing Management Information Systems, but you will save a significant amount of time in the process and you likely will be able to save thousands of dollars on the system you choose!

You read it correctly! Does this sound like a NO LOSE opportunity?

PSK & Associates Ltd. is not affiliated with any systems vendors and therefore our opinions and recommendations are based on a detailed analysis of your company's requirements. We are not marketing software - we are members of the Graphic Arts community whose sole purpose is to see that your estimating, order entry, accounting, production scheduling, data collection, cost accounting, inventory and other automated systems are giving you the best bang for your dollars.

Did you know that the top 3 reasons given by companies' management for replacing Management Information Systems are:

Systems did not live up to users' expectations.
Systems were too complicated to use and maintain.
Vendors did not provide adequate support for their systems.

Did you know that the top three reasons given by company executives for purchasing the wrong systems are:

Purchasers based their decisions almost exclusively on vendors' presentations and demos.
Inaccurate perceptions of systems' features. What you see is not necessarily what you get!
Users "discovered" additional requirements that had not been addressed prior to purchase.

Call PSK & Associates Ltd. before you buy and let's get together to discuss how to avoid these disastrous errors! We will come out and explain the (almost) pain-free and cost effective way to make an informed MIS decision - with absolutely no obligation on your part!

On-site Costing and Budgeting Services

We will also be pleased to discuss our other services which have been designed exclusively for the Graphic Arts industry. They include: on-site costing analysis; Budgeted Hourly Rate preparation; SEXTANT, our Windows-based costing and budgeting software.

Call us for further details on any of the above issues. It will be worth your while!


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